Transformative Leadership Keynotes

Transform team effort into world-class performance and…

Do Something That’s Never Been Done

Think of something you’ve never done – perhaps something no one has ever done. How would it feel to actually achieve that?

Go beyond progress and improvement; reach beyond reason; live in the realm of world-class excellence as you transform team efforts into record-breaking performance.

This is what happens as we focus less on better processes and more on the process of getting better. This simple mental/emotional position empowered Brad Barton to shatter decades-old world records. It will do the same for your team.

Move your team beyond limiting obstacles by…

Seeing Beyond Illusions

Most obstacles aren’t really there. They are nearly always illusions. It’s true. Brad Barton proves it!

Are you ready for engaging stories, startling magic, profound insights about really difficult barriers – that don’t exist?

Misdirection, mental conditioning… techniques magicians use to fool us for fun – can also perpetuate illusions that aren’t fun! “Good enough is good enough.” “Things that seem bad are bad.” “Avoiding problems avoids problems.”

Have fun, laugh out loud, as you take an illuminating, profitable look at the profound influence our power of perception has in the environments in which we lead and serve.

Embed world-class performance expectancy into your cultural DNA and…

Ignite World-Class Performance

How do you accelerate your team’s professional development? Enhance their expectations, not just their performance. As they accept world-class performance as an everyday thing, they become a world-class team. As they fundamentally enhance their perception and response to serious difficulty, their toughest challenges suddenly become their greatest opportunities. When they — and you — think that way, you have created a world-class culture.

Are you ready to transform your way of thinking? Enjoy a startlingly profound, laugh out loud experience as you are inspired to ignite a world-class performance culture.