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Fast Facts

  • Track & Field News® once ranked Brad 19th in the world in the 3000 m steeplechase

  • Brad’s family was featured on the 1990s reality television show, Rescue 911 (watch 19 min segment)

  • A passionate beekeeper, Brad keeps 50 beehives in his Mapleton, Utah apiary

  • The state of Idaho granted Brad a driver’s license at 14 years old (scary indeed!)

  • Brad is the father of six children and stepfather to six more ages 26 to 8 years old (yup, Melissa and Brad shepherd 12 kids)!

  • Brad served as president of his National Speakers Association Chapter

  • Brad is an award-winning illusionist with the International Brotherhood of Magicians

  • Brad was inducted into his alma mater, Weber State University’s Athletic Hall Of Fame

  • Reading to his younger kiddos just before bedtime is one of Brad’s favorite things in life

  • Hill Air Force Base invited Brad to serve a two-year stint as Honorary Command Chief Master Sgt. of the 419th Fighter Wing

  • Brad once sang with a choir to an audience of over 3 million viewers

  • The third longest-running television series in US history, Music and the Spoken Word once included a performance by Brad

  • Brad once caught a 68-pound King Salmon and a 205-pound Alaskan halibut.